Spend Less, Make More

Spend Less, Make More is our motto at Dolly’s but there is more to it than just saving you money. We have all seen the sign/FB post that by spending £100 a year in local businesses rather than chain stores it would boost our economy by £3 million,

but why?

A lot of chain stores are based “over seas”, some are so over seas that none of the countries they have a presence in are their base country AND some even tell the countries that they are based in different countries (UK would be told they are US and US would be told UK) in order to avoid paying taxes, this means that most of the money you spend in their stores leaves the economy entirely.

but why local?

By spending that money in a local business the money directly benefits the local area, small business tend to rent premises rather than own and if the land lord is local they share in that £100, and the local cafe, you know, the one that does those nice cakes and serves tea in a real pot, they share that money as well because local businesses want to support local businesses and really like cake (that could just be me though), local council tax rates. Plus, if a retail street is full of unique and interesting shops it looks better, it draws people in, each shop boosts the other shops, EVERYBODY WINS.

OK, so why should I make more?

To start with mass produced clothes are designed and made to a standard shape, I know for a fact that I am not standard shaped and I suspect this mythological person does not actually exist, so if you want cloths that fit YOU paying for tailor made or alterations is an option, but, can get rather expensive if you want most of your clothes to fit. Now, if you learn to make your own clothes or even just the art of alteration you can always have clothes that fit just right.

Not only that but when you make your own clothes you will not show up at that party and find that the person you really dislike is wearing the same outfit as you, you can truly express your sense of style and own clothes that shout




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