So tomorrow is election day……..

I’m not going to get into a political debate, or tell you who to vote for, but if you live your life as a female. you MUST vote.

You see, women who you have never met, who knew nothing about you, nothing about your family, children or aspirations fought like worriers for YOU.

The Pankhursts et al, were ignored for 53 years (53 years of fighting for YOU to have the same rights as men), they were beaten, molested, and even died for the vote.

2013 was 100 years since woman from all over the country left their families and WALKED to London for the cause. In remembrance of this. I arranged Warrington’s Walk for Women. we were even in the paper.


That’s me and my homies!

Even when working loooooooonnnnng hours as a hairdresser (a previous life before darling Dolly”s) I would always vote, intact I have never missed.


They even let Dave the dog in.

I wouldn’t say I am peticularly political, i can just appreciate the sacrifice these wonderful strangers did for us.

I am super proud to be a Woman, brought up by a feminist, I have a couragous footballing Step-Daughter and 2 little Feminists as nieces. Thats why Dolly”s is all about empowering other Women. Because if the Suffragettes had the “heat magazine” mentality of today. We would all be up the swanny.


Thats my Tattoo

Ladies put your lips on (if you want to) and turn up to vote.




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