A Secret wedding for 3.

It’s our wedding anniversary. 5 whole years, 60 months, 1825days.

Now if you know us you will understand how much of a milestone this is.

I’ll start at the beginning, I have been in Love with my husband since I was 14, thankfully, he wasn’t interested in 14yo skinny spotty girls or else this could have been a very different story. 😱😱

Fast forward 20 years, a snog at a party and the rest is history.

14th May 2010, we got hitched, tied the knot, sealed the deal. 

We had a secret wedding for 3. You see, at this point the hunk came with a side kick, and I kind of fell head over heels with her too. It was very easy, she is a pot model of him!

Before hand  we had to convince the side kick we were going to “my friend Laura’s wedding” (I don’t have a friend Laura) so she would try frocks on, and still keep it a secret.

That’s us, rubbish pic.

We had a £500 budget and  text everyone after the deed was done. …………..what a day it was, people dropped everything, came as they were to celebrate our day. No pressure, no expense, just a great day.


That’s us, happy as Larry.

Things have changed over the years, jobs, redundancy, deaths, the side kick is 14,  life in general hasn’t be kind to us, but you know what. I am a firm believer in that LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED, and we still have plenty of that.


Love linsey  #teamdolly 


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