Meet the Team #TEAMDOLLY

In my last blog  Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

You read all about meeeeeee, now I’m not sure I can write anything more interesting than that, but I’ll give it a go.

So, lets meet the team, the driving force, the enablers, the weird bunch, the skillful set. #TEAMDOLLY

This is Amanda, mand, ginge, itchy. Never Mandy!!!!
Amanda’s alter ego is Itchy Crochet, you guessed it she does the crochet lessons at the shop.
She has the best 2 girls in the world (ok, I’m bias Amanda is my sister) she is Married and has a dog called Donna. Often seen around Warrington being chased by Zombies in a crochet coat.

This is Rae, she is mum to Riley and has a long term partner.
Rae is a crafting natural and can turn her hand (and be an expert) anything, her current passion is papercutting, check out her work/classes this is an amazing skill. Rae is currently the stand in sewing tutor too, very patient skillful and far less turrets than me .

Lady Vee Rose. Vee is Married and Mum to Jeff and Martha (the fur kids)
Vee has a “real job” but can still be found at Dolly’s. Although you might not recognise her, because her hair is rarely the same colour.
Vee turns her hand to alllll the craft, her current obsession is felt wreath making. She makes the most beautiful hand made gifts and runs classes to show you how to do the same.

Bex (with an X) she is another talented bugger, She is Married and has Blue hair. Bex does paper craft, now when I say this understand her stuff is SPECIAL, bridal bouquets made from comics etc, really cool individual stuff. She is also a decoupage expert and loves nothing more than whipping up a pair of truly unique shoes.

Dave the shop dog! He is a 13yo boxer dog. That’s 91 in dog years.
Currently disgraced after weeing on the office carpet.
He will not be getting employee of the month!

This is Tyler, the Saturday girl.
She works 1 Saturday a month, because she plays football on a Saturday.
Tyler has no interest in creativity, she only likes football but her work ethic is admirable!

Well that’s us, an eclectic bunch of truly talented women.

TTFN Love Linsey #teamdolly


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