Saturday is all about the Talent

In our last 2 blogs I have told you all about me and #teamdolly.

Now I’m going to tell you about our superstars. This bunch of talented beggars really make my Saturdays.

I’ll start with Laura. Laura is 9, can eat a biscuit, sew a dress and tell me all her Mum and Dads secrets all at the same time.

Laura is now following patterns, everything from cutting them out to putting tailors tacks in.

Laura will be famous one day.



Evie is a very serious sewer and I am sure I can her the cogs of her brain working some days. On her 1st lesson she made a t-shirt. 2nd lesson shorts. 3rd a tunic top.

Evie tells me what she would like to make so I can have it prepard for the next week.



Charlie. I have never known a name suit anyone so much, Charlie is funny, giddy and a great sewer.

He made this t-shirt on his 1st lesson and used the overlocker too.


We have loads of little sewers through our doors, some as young as 4. Apart from keeping us all entertained it is wonderful being able to teach these young talents some of the “old fashioned” techniques that will never leave them.

TTFN love Linsey #teamdolly


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