A week @Dolly’s…………..#1

I’ve neglected our blog of late, I have felt uninspired and to be honest “pressured” into writing something, anything, but couldn’t think what!

Then during a casual conversation with our very own Lady Vee, it came to me…..

Just write about us, what goes on, the characters we meet, the things we make/get up to,  I mean, we have it all.  We could write a book, never mind a blog……..

So it begins.

Saturday is all about the talent, I have blogged about them before, They are creative, funny, talented, wonderful, and brighten my week. The group is expanding, So we are going to decide a new name on Saturday.

This week they made skirts, Laura, who I am sure was a magpie in a former life, picked THE pinkest, glitteriest fabric money can buy. Consequently EVERYTHING was covered in glitter (Laura, me, sewing machines, the floor, the kitchen, cups, the biscuit tin. My dog and Husband that were not even in the shop!)


Now if I could get these 2 working faster and longer hours I could retire 😉

Sunday brought Needle felting, I personally think this is a craft you love or hate, luckily this group were naturals and could put up with the stabbed fingers for their craft.

We made some beautiful hares, and had some very posh biscuits thanks to Dot and Vic (well, Richard really)


Not watership down, needle felted Hares!

On Monday we got our political heads on. We had a peaceful protest outside M&S.

You see we feel M&S being such a British institution they should be leading the way in paying their staff a living wage, not just the minimum they can get away with.

Protests happened across the country, peacefully, mostly drinking tea and eating cake whilst embroidering hanky’s with meaningful messages. This is whats called Craftivism, crafting is seen as a “gentle” pastime, that the “little women” do. This couldn’t be further from the truth (you’re reading this blog, I don’t need to elaborate). So combining a political point and craft is a great way to engage people in conversation and tell them your story. It worked for us.


Thats us, the Suffragettes taught us well.


12 hours in the shop! #davetheshopdog struggles in the heat so has the best seat in the house.


Wednesday saw the start of our weekly Mums & Baby’s Cake and Craft, ran by Chloe and Connie.

It was a quiet session, but will grow from strength to strength in time.

If you are a Mum, Dad, Carer, Grandparent, come along and bring that craft project you never get around too. Chat and drink tea with likeminded indeviduals.



I was really really dubious about doing the Groupon deal, but it has been brilliant, had a great response and we have had visitors from all over the northwest. Thursday saw Jenny and Caroline, both super glamorous and super talented. Pity their dresses were to small to fit me! pfft.


That was quite painless and rather enjoyable. So I think we’ll maybe make this a regular event.

For now, have a good week, slap that factor 50 on and enjoy the warm weather whilst it lasts.

TTFN Linsey  #teamdolly.


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