A week @Dolly’s………..#2

Time certainly does fly when you’re having fun, I can’t believe its been a week since I last sat at the laptop, but what a week its been.

Last Friday saw Warrington Walking day. This is an age old tradition started in 1801. Originally a procession by Sunday Schools. Today it is far less formal, schools, churches, bands and brownies all take part. If you see someone you know walking, you would give them money for the fair in the afternoon.

The asian community started giving children sweets a few years ago. We rather liked this idea.

A. Because everyone gets sweets, not just the children with lots of family.

B. it was cheaper then giving them £1 each 😉

From the shop steps we had a brilliant view of all the lovely dresses and the bands.

Friday also saw the eve of our Lady Vee’s Birthday. So we had our 1st team night out.  Turned out to be bit thin on the ground with sickness, kids etc.

We went to see Magic Mike xxl at the cinema, a rather interesting documentary about……….

Who am I trying to kid, its about a troop of male strippers!!!

A good time was had by all.


On Saturday we had our 1st Lady Dolly Photoshoot.

Tracy arrived at 11am, to have hair and make up done, it became clear i don’t miss my old job one bit, but was fun to do as a one off.

Sarah our amazing photographer has wrote a few words……

“This Saturday it was the launch of our Lady Dolly, packing the kit up I arrived at Dolly’s to find the finishing touches just being put into place and before long our Lady Dolly Tracy was ready to go. As a photographer it can take time to get the confidence and skills to approach people and portrait photography, especially strangers, having a willing model is an excellent way to learn. My job is to ensure that the subject feels comfortable, they have clear direction and know what I want from them. Arriving early gave me time to get to know Tracy and start to build a rapport with her, luckily we got on well which helped her to relax.

With a picnic dress on, crochet flowers in her hair and a number of Dolly made props, we made for the midday sunshine for once, lovely bright light and a great location on the steps. Time flew by as we created the images, had a laugh, got funny looks from passers-by and experimented with props and poses. I took lots of portraits, not all have worked but that’s the joy of digital and sometimes what you picture in your head just doesn’t work. I’d encourage any photographer, what skill level you are to pick the camera up and experiment, and above all enjoy!”


We had 3 new girls join out Saturday sewers, as brave and fearless as Laura and Evie. They have decided the group is being called Dolly’s Famous five. I love this.

On Monday, we had a comission in for some camper van curtains for Steph and Gaz from Shambala we replaced their floral 80’s curtains with some beautiful blue striped fabric. It gave the van a whole new fresh look.

A disappointing Cake and Craft night, but the weather was shocking.

Tuesday was the final garment making, and guess what! I didn’t take one picture. I’m gutted, some amazing things were made. Some ladies even managed to make 2 items. We made some great friends and introduced 3 babys to the craft world.

Tuesday evening Garment Making is getting really exciting, all the theory and cutting is done and the ladies are finally on the sewing machines.

Wednesday saw Baby’s Cake and Craft, this group is growing from strength to strength. I love earwigging on the conventions of this group. The advice and support they give each other is amazing. Not just about crafting, and as my Mum always says “all new Mum’s want  to throw the baby out of the window, its the good ones that don’t”. As I am rapidly discovering teenagers are a whole other headache.


Thursday Jessica and her mum Linda came in to needle felt. It was Jessica’s birthday.  What a lovely way to spend the day, if I’d have known I would have bought cake (any excuse, I know).


Dave the shop dog came in too, I think it may be his last visit. Its to much for the old man and he really did struggle, after all he is nearly 100 and I’m still making him work part time.

I promise to take more photo’s this week!

TTFN Linsey #teamdolly


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