A Week At Dolly’s….. #3

Its been a quiet week at Dolly’s, tbh I’m rather pleased for it. I’m winding down for a week off next week.

Next week will be the first leave I’ve had since 16th December last year, and when your husband tells you “you’re looking tired”, its time to leave #tamdolly in control and relax.

The Friday club was really thin on the ground this week, with holidays. The ladies are off and about, so it was just Alice making a throw over for her holidays.

I FINALLY removed the stickers from the windows that belonged to the last tenants company and the 4 YES 4 layers off gloss on the inside of the windows!

On Saturday we had a lovely group of 3 ladies in for picnic dresses. I love how 1 dress can look completely different every time.

Dolly’s famous 5 made shorts. I love this time on a Saturday, the conversations go like this.

ME; Billy and Tyler will be here shortly

AMY; Who’s that?

ME; My Husband and step Daughter.

AMY; I don’t know them

LAURA; You do! Tyler is the one who always comes in asking for money.

Brilliant confident and talented girls.

Sunday was another picnic dress class, Paulette and Mayo came back to do picnic tops after getting the sewing bug from the last class.


Monday I had the company of Frazer. He is a cool dynamic 21 year old and making his 1st cosplay outfit. I now know a little about cosplay, but totally insignificant compared to Frazer’s sewing skills, he had and hours 1-2-1 lesson then stayed to sew the rest of the day. great company and a great sewer.

Cake and Craft on Monday was a little busier that last week.


Tuesday evenings garment making are flying with there project and coming along a treat.

We also got the news we have been selected to exhibit in this years Woman Stanley exhibition. This is an exhibition celebrating women, with artwork by women. We have chosen our theme to be women of the cockedge mill. if you would like to get involved in this project we are having a meeting Monday 27th July 6-7pm. please feel free to come and join in

Wednesday’s Babys cake and craft met again this week, for an afternoon of cuteness, and stuff.


In the evening Lynn had arranged a knitting lesson for her friends Birthday who is knitting mad. As total beginners they did a great job in starting to make cute headbands.


A really lovely idea for a birthday treat and a couple of bottles of prosecco helped get the creative juices flowing.

Thursday more picnic dresses, when we had our very own Lady Dolly 2015 in creating.


2 thoughts on “A Week At Dolly’s….. #3

  1. Debbie says:

    Really enjoyed the picnic dress class on Sunday, great company and loved the Janome Machine so much, bought one the following day! Hope to see you soon and have a great week off Debbie x


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