A week @Dolly’s ……….#4

After a lovely and eventful week off (well 5 days because I couldn’t stop myself from working) I feel refreshed and organised. All the accounts are up to dste, and plans for out “Home made Christmas” are underway.

Sorry to mention the “c” word, but if we’re going to make a majority of our gifts this year. We need to make a start.

On Monday we had some great new sewers in. Molly 5, Olivia 10 and Grandma Ellen. After mastering the sewing machine they made cushion cover and stuffed hanging love hearts.

Sherie was next in, she brought THE MOST amazing chocolate cakes, unfortunately they all had gone before I could get a picture. Anyway Sherie had never sewn before, but wanted to make cushions for her Kitchen sofa, and just look how well they turned out.


Monday Evening we had a meeting about our Woman Stanley exhibition piece. We put the wheels in motion and have made a great start on it. It was a lovely atmosphere. Creative women at there best. Baby Connie Dolly was pasted around for cuddles and was a charming as ever.


Cake and Craft was the busiest its ever been, both spaces being used to capacity. Great to see so many crafters getting together socialising and doing what we love.


Tuesday saw a new daytime Garment making class and the 5th class of the evening block, its great to see peoples confidence grow and we have some great garments coming together.

We also got some cool new recycled shelving fo our fabric.


Wednesday was a quiet day, and I think with the school holidays Babies cake and craft will be quiet, but lets see how it goes. Although we now have a new time of 11-1pm. this may be a little easier.


Thursday we had patchwork. some great pieces were made, Margaret had only used a sewing machine at school so after a quick refresher, she was off and made the beauty.

Vee had an embroidery commission. Remember the knitting girls? Well they are off on a hen weekend and are going in fancy dress as the Stepford Wives. Roller and all.

So there is no confusion it’s now embroidered on there pennies.


We we also have a great new groupon deal, on beginners crochet. Usually £40 now £24, but we would love you to book direct and get the same great deal.

Well that’s all for now.

TTFN love linsey #TEAMDOLLY


2 thoughts on “A week @Dolly’s ……….#4

  1. Victoria Madden says:

    I called in at Sankey Street yesterday for some cotton and was taken aback to find the shop closed down – I thought Warrington’s high business rates had scuppered you already – but then your nice ex-neighbour at the hairdressers told me you’d moved to Academy Place. What a lovely site – I’d say ’emporium’ is definitely the word now.

    Just caught up on all your latest posts – what a great idea to have a mothers and babies sewing class – I lived in a place once where they had mothers and babies cinema sessions, which always seemed very sensible to me. And passing on essential skills to children too – I very much doubt they have school Needlework lessons as we did.

    I’m so pleased you appear to be going from strength to strength – Warrington really needs interesting independent shops like yours.

    Re M and S – owning even a single share entitles you to attend the annual shareholders’ meeting and ask questions about how they run things on your behalf. Team Dolly could buy one each and then attend and sew during the meeting. It would attract all the other shareholders attention and lead them to ask why you’re there.

    If you alerted the London Evening Standard to what you were going to do they might do a small piece which would further highlight the issue. It would be a positive, non confrontational way of sending a message to the company directors that wouldn’t put their backs up so they’d be more likely to think about what you’re asking.

    How about a post on how the move to the new shop went – or is it still too stressful to contemplate?


    • dollysews says:

      Hi Victoria.

      Tbh, there wasn’t much to report on the move, #teamdolly are a bunch of women, we did it all in less than 24 hours. So event less really.
      We did have a BIG sign up in the window of Sankey street, but it’s since been taken down. God love the Hairdressers.

      You need to get involved with our craftivism, H &M is our next project. I love the ideas of the shares.

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