A Week at Dolly’s…………. #5

First off please except my apologies for the lateness of this blog, if I have caused you any distress or maybe a sleepless nights, I am truly sorry πŸ˜‰
Time flies in this shop, never once have I thought “ooh I’m bored, I’d rather be at home”.

On Saturday Dolly’s famous 5 made teddy bears. Now think of the fluffiest, messiest, most difficult fabric in the world. Then times it by 10. We were covered in it, the girls did a sterling job tackling this project. The end result was smashing.


Sunday was anothe picnic dress class, I always love how different all the dresses turn out when a bit of personality has been added to 1 bog standard dress pattern.

image image image image image

This was the first week we closed on a Monday, the town is really quiet as a whole on Monday. So it seemed like the natural thing to do. I have to admit having 2 days off together will be a real treat.

Tuesday’s garment making is coming on a treat, everyone has started sewing and items are really taking shape. Imogen came in to learn how to use a sewing machine, what a lovely chatty little girl she was.


It was also the end of the evening Garment making, some items are not finished so the girls are coming back next week.

Now I have Monday’s off Wednesday’s have turned in to “paperwork days” so if anyone fancies a cup of tea and a chat on a Wednesday, feel free to come in and distract me.

Babies cake and craft was lovely. I love listening to the support and advice the new mums give each other.

Well that’s us, another week over with. Where does the time go.

It truly does fly when your having fun.

See you next week, enjoy the sunshine

TTFN love linsey #teamdolly


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