A week @Dolly’s………….. #6

Hello lovlies

Friday last week saw us busy with beginners lessons, 1-2-1 sessions that give our students the tutors undevided attention.

2 of the learners were Jo and her little girl Molly. Molly has 2 little brothers so this was a “Mum and Molly day❤️”


They both picked the use of a sewing machine up quickly and made some lovely cushion covers.

Friday was also, wine’d down Friday hosted by Vee. I believe a great time was had by all, although some of the pictures I came into on Saturday morning were rather questionable!!!!!!!


But look at the lovey necklaces they made and how glamorous do they look.

Saturday was the start of a new Garment Making class. A small group of 3, 2 of which have been on previous courses, Diane and Alice (remember the flamingo dress).

Kids Sewing Club was thin on the ground as everyone seems to be on holiday, so it was just Laura, who made a rah rah skirt and pocket hanky to match. She even now does her on status updates on Dollys page. Laura also worked out that in 13 months she is old enough to work here. I don’t ever remember offering her a job, but she is so talented I’d be a fool not to.


Sunday we had 3 new hookers! Ok I just like saying that. It’s a term used for crocheters, because a hook is used to form the stitches. Amanda hosted this and a good time was had by all.


A lovely day off for me at the beach on Monday with my favourites ❤️ and tended to my veg patch.


Tuesday was a really badly planned day (ok I have no one to blame apart from myself) but after dreading it for weeks it was actually rather lovely. I did find time to be photographed and be interviewed by the Warrington guardian……………

Garment making, followed by picnic dresses, followed by a new garment making class. I survived. Hurrah.


What a talented bunch. 🙂

We even have a cool male sewer in the evening class. The picnic dresses worked out a treat and everyone worked really hard.

The wonderful Amanda, Chloe, and baby Connie looked after the shop on Wednesday so I could recover from Tuesday’s crazy day. #teamdolly rules.


Chloe made a lush skirt.

Thursday the Warrington Guardian went on sale. This was the picture, great news they mentioned Dolly’s, but I didn’t expect my picture to be THAT big. Turns out its on the website, Facebook and allll over social media!!!! #teamdolly have been in their element giving me stick over it! pfft!


You can read the full story over on the guardian website with further embarrassing pictures.


Talented Sarah came in for sewing lessons. no hearts and flowers or this little rock chick. skull and crossbones accessories all the way

I finally put the finishing touches to our Woman Stanley piece.

Woman Stanley is a art exhibition for women by women. Our piece is about the women from the cotton mill. If you look closely you can see us in with the mill workers 🙂


Well thats all for now. I will try and get the September and October dates by next week.



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