2 weeks @Dollys…………..#DollysAngels

The summer holidays have been tough, we’ve had less people through the door due to people going away and the kids being off school. I’ve really felt it, both in the till and with the lack of new faces to get to know. With crowdfunding on my mind, I took to Facebook. We had 1224 “likes” on our page, if everyone gifted us just £1 it would give us some breathing space, but I didn’t just want to ask people for money. If people are that generous they need something in return. I have skills and am willing to share them.

With a few messages to our Lady Vee (who’s real job is in marketing and the business mind behind Dolly’s) we were a-go-go. It was Vee’s idea to call it Tip for a Tip, we are creatives after all, so let’s not go with the crowd.

So on Monday night, it was launched………


With a message to #teamdolly “share this girls” we were off.

The conversation continued.

WOW £4 already

£18, I’m crying

£26 in 24 mins

£73 I need a drink

£99. I can’t believe it!

£169 ******* amazing!!!!!

£182. OMG I’m off to bed.

Then we lost 3 likes………

By Wednesday morning we were at £360, that’s over half of the rent covered and a chance of a good night’s sleep.

I am overwhelmed and emotional about peoples generosity. People really are kind and it goes to show that #teamdolly isn’t just the 5 of us that deal with the day to day running of the business. Dolly’s is also the weird and wonderful people that support us, nip into the shop and attend classes.

I thank each and every one of you #DollysAngels. I have saved all your e-mail addresses and will have some witty and amusing tutorials in your inbox by the weekend in the form of a Vlog.

We’re not out of the woods just yet, so please keep sharing. I want you to know how truly grateful I am and will never forget your generosity. *blubbing*

Love Linsey #teamdolly


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