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Now the children are back at school Dolly’s has become busier, a few new faces coming through the door, lovely old friends and a buzz about new classes again.

Although things have picked up, we are not out of the woods. We know you are a generous lot and really want us to continue with our empowering creative environment, so can we ask a favour please.

If you have access to a printer, or I would post you some flyers out please could this be distributed with in your workplace, cafes, social clubs? I think we need to reach a wider audience and really need your support.


8 thoughts on “Dolly’s News

  1. Victoria Madden says:

    Most church groups have an attached sewing/knitting group for charitable purposes.

    I would suggest sending their organiser an email outlining what you do, stressing the passing on of key skills element, and offering them some free knitting needles/wool. A couple of days later ring them up and say you’re following up the email and reiterate the offer of the freebie. When you send it include a large flyer and ask them to display it on their meeting room wall. You will then be the nice people who sent them the lovely materials they are using and they will tell other people about you and explain why they have the flyer on their wall to all their visitors.

    There is also the WI – if you send the County Secretary an email introducing yourself and what you can offer she will circulate it to all the groups in the county (over 100). Stress your ethos and the passing on of skills that are in danger of being forgotten.

    How about offering a free talk to schools about the importance of make do and mend and how it links to the environment/history. If you link it to the relevant key stages I’m sure teachers will fall on your neck.

    Start in Warrington and work outwards into Cheshire.

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  2. Victoria Madden says:

    Following on from the schools thoughts:

    Working parents are often desperate for activities that are essentially child care in the school holidays. You could offer week long workshops over the summer to include tea/squash and biscuits and they bring their own packed lunch. If you asked very nicely and swore to tidy up scrupulously after yourselves and control the children’s natural exuberance, the Meeting House might let you lunch on their lawn, which would be an extra enticement for the course.

    You could also do an after school sewing club – there’s quite a few primary schools within a mile radius of Academy Place – though you might need to register/have checks with various bodies for that.

    Another idea is to join the Mumsnet internet forum and post regularly about the joys of introducing children to sewing/how skills have been lost since our day etc.

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  3. Victoria Madden says:

    I’ve been looking round your site a little more – obviously I don’t know what your stats are like – but I think improving your tags on each post might help boost views – and hopefully customers.

    I’m a complete techno-idiot, and have had to learn through making mistakes myself, but one tip I found useful was to think about what people were likely to put into a search engine like Google e.g. ‘Saturday morning sewing classes for children Warrington’ and tag the relevant post with that. You need to keep it under 15 tags (including categories/posted in) for best results.

    I found this site on tips to improve a blog incredibly useful too –


    • dollysews says:

      Thanks Victoria.
      I am completely new to this blogging thing, so tagging is new too.
      Thanks for that I’ll have a read when I get 5 mins. Xx


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