Autumn @Dollys

I love Autumn, what’s not to love, layering up, crochet blankets that keep you warm as they get bigger, log fires, hats and gloves and not having to shave your legs šŸ˜‰

I actually really like change, a fresh start, and a clean slate.

Since our move in June, we have struggled to find our place in Warrington. The shop now is on the “wrong side of town” (that sounds more dangerous than it is). Our building is beautiful, light bright and just perfect for us. We have “heaven out of the back door” seriously come and see it.

We have conducted a poll, and some of you have been kind enough to help us out.

As we don’t have any passing trade to speak of, days are often long and fruitless. Although it’s nice to plan new classes and make the odd dress it doesn’t pay the bills.

From mid October we are having a shake up.

Cake and Craft will still be on Mondays 7-10, but the shop will be closed Mondays and Tuesdays and re-open 12 noon on Wednesdays.

The new hours will be

Wed 12-9pm

Thu 10-10pm

Fri 10-10pm

Saturday 9-6pm

Sunday 10-5pm

Any classes already booked and paid for will not be affected by the new opening hours, and if you are planning to visit it may be worth a quick phone call or FB message just to double check if we are there.

We have lots of new things in the pipeline and really hope you can join us, if there is anything you would like to see at Dolly’s drop us a line we would love to here from you.



7 thoughts on “Autumn @Dollys

  1. Victoria Madden says:

    Yes, you’re very much a ‘destination’ shop now rather than footfall. But a much better site and you just need to raise awareness. Have you thought of extending the haberdashery side of things – a display of colourful cottons and wools, for example? Or stocking patterns?

    I passed another new independent shop when I was in Warrington this morning and went in for a quick look round. I mentioned Dolly’s as another new (ish) independent shop and it turned out the little girl was a big sewing fan so I said you had lots of wonderful classes for little girls and took an email address to send them details. (Which I will pm you.) I had a chat with her about the sort of thing she was looking for and she also said knitting and making doll’s clothes (Cinderella was name-dropped) so there’s some ideas to add to your portfolio!


    • dollysews says:

      Cinderella was name dropped lol.
      I’d love to expand the haberdashery, but we don’t have the funds for the initial out lay šŸ‘ŽšŸ»
      The children’s classes we do are really popular, so much so we are putting a Sunday one on too.
      What shop did you go in to Victoria? X

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      • Victoria Madden says:

        Yes, of course – money needed to make money.

        A couple of tips I recently found, in case you don’t already know – you can apply for a rates discount from the council as a small business and if you join the Federation of Small Businesses you can get free business banking at the Co-op Bank. (I think there’s an annual membership fee but it must work out cheaper than having to pay the bank every time you make a transaction.)

        Really pleased to hear the children’s classes are so popular – have you got some lined up in the week for half-term?

        It was Scatty Pets in Suez Street (if you ever do a story circle the owner has a great reading voice!) which has only been open for 13 weeks so please support them if any of #team dolly has a goldfish or upwards. And apparently there’s a little vintage shop Bedazzled round the corner in Cairo Street which I didn’t have time to go in to.


      • Victoria Madden says:

        Talking of haberdashery I notice you don’t list the things you do carry on the website/blog – if you did it could encourage people to drop in for bits and bobs in a bread-and-butter kind of way??


  2. Victoria Madden says:

    I discovered Oxfam Vintage the other day – they have dress patterns for sale from the Fifties which you might be interested in.

    The direct url is ridiculously long – go to click on ‘shop online’ and then ‘vintage’. I think I saw them under ‘homeware’.


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