Our Quirky Haberdashery ( and of course Laura’s Birthday)

So first things first, I’m sure you all remember our super sewer Laura!

Well, Sunday saw Laura’s 10th Birthday ( after a mini heart attack from me and her mum, we won’t dwell though) and of course she needed a sewing party.

Laura party was our first sewing party, she brought 5 of her crazy friends with her and had THE MOST amazing cake.

The girls made bags, then had a fashion show to show them off.

Happy 10th Birthday Laura.

It has been said that I don’t mention our weird and wonderful Haberdashery enough. Heres why………

Haberdashery is a vast amount of things, you can have every pink ribbon bar one and thats the one someone will want. We have never had the budget to stock “all the things” Fingers crossed we may do one day.

We do have everything we need for classes ( and a bit more) and specialise in one off, vintage and quirky bits like barkcloth, vintage buttons, leather pieces pus everything you didn’t know you needed.

Our clientele like that “something different” because really was one of the reasons you wanted to make your own clothes to be different?

Mine was…..

IMG_6745 IMG_6746

Please do come in for a mooch about, even if its just to see our “creative” storage situation.

The website has also been updated, take a peep. Lots of new classes, some festive, some creative and some will just keep you warm.

TTFN love Linsey #teamdolly


7 thoughts on “Our Quirky Haberdashery ( and of course Laura’s Birthday)

  1. Victoria Madden says:

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

    Wonderful post, inspired photographs (who made that cake!! – a possible sideline?) and a range of truly amazing classes that really capture the spirit of Dolly’s! Very impressed – well done #teamdolly!

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  2. Victoria Madden says:

    This has given me more ideas; how about –

    make your own Christmas decorations

    make small toys for Christmas presents

    drop off the kids for an evening sewing class while you frantically late night shop for expensive guilt assuaging electronics in the run up to Christmas

    which has me thinking of potential Christmas presents –

    vouchers for a Dolly’s Sewing Class

    a child’s Dolly’s sewing basket

    some Dolly’s patterns for making doll’s clothes

    a make your own knickers kit

    pre-made needle felt animals as stocking fillers

    And more ideas with my other hat on – next year’s wedding dress trends are all about applique flowers, feathers, key hole necklines and something called ‘illusion’ which I’m hoping you’ll understand.

    How about classes in these for brides on a budget, who can then use dress making skills to wow up a plain dress? Applique and ‘3D flowers’ (??) on wedding dresses are going to be massive next year, apparently. Or classes on making bridesmaids/flower girls dresses – more money for a big designer dress for the bride then.

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  3. Victoria Madden says:

    Could I ask for some sewing advice? – (perhaps you could have an advice section on the website too – Dolly’s Top Sewing Tips)

    Dear Dolly,

    I bought some jeans that were in my size but with too long a leg length. Is shortening them a professional job or something I could do myself? Is it better to do this before or after washing them?

    Sans culottes


      • Victoria Madden says:

        What a lovely idea. Just no time at present unfortunately.

        (I really love the way you’re passing on skills in an increasingly deskilled society. And reclaiming something that women should be proud to say they can do, not look down on. Warrington used to be a town famous for its crafts and manufactures – perhaps Dolly’s is starting up a renaissance?)

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      • dollysews says:

        Oh Victoria I really do hope so.
        I love sewing. When strangers compliment my clothes, I am proud to say “I made it”
        We have a couple of male sewers too, they are actually very good indeed.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Victoria Madden says:

        That’s fantastic! I think what you’re doing is brilliant and you should be incredibly proud of yourself and Dolly’s.

        Yes, don’t forget Jermyn Street! (Funny how most men look down on sewing when it’s the case of a missing button but venerate it when it comes to buying hand made suits!)

        I had a colleague who made all her own clothes and she always looked so stylish. It’s the exactness of the fit you rarely get in ready-to-wear.

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