Please don’t hate me!!

So, we all have that organised friend who has all there gifts bought and rapped by 1st December?? Yeah, thats me.

Now in my defence, I blame it on being an ex hairdresser. December didn’t mean the festive season for me. It meant work, work, and more work. Even my 40th Birthday trip to Paris last December was 4 years in the planning.

With that in mind, I am organised and have just done the dates for January and February classes.


We are also going to be running the recycled bibs and tug toy classes for Mums and Babies again. These have been a great success and it feels great repurposing something.

Well thats all for now

TTFN Linsey @Dolly’s




2 thoughts on “Please don’t hate me!!

  1. Victoria Madden says:

    Organised is good. Disorganised people cause so much stress to themselves and the people around them. (Mind you, by ‘1st’ December ???)

    I’ve just found this nice little company which does various knitted/crochet things – I thought you could get some inspiration from (pinch) their ideas. If you wanted to stock their patterns/bits and bobs, your nearest competition is Leeds so you’d have a pretty clear field. Very trendy – advertise in Vogue – but where Dolly’s leads, others will surely follow!


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