Decisions decisions

Picture this… ( said in the voice of the old lady from the golden girls)

6th December 2014, 10 days before my 40th birthday. Driving in Dolly (the original) to one of my favorite hairdressing clients ( her daughter actually painted our sign).  I decided that at Easter 2015 I was opening a haberdashery and sewing school.


Dolly – The original. I miss that car.

I had had a particularly rubbish week, all the usual stuff that came with being a hairdresser really, but this week it had really bothered me. Maybe in was the imminent “big birthday”, my hairdressing had ran its course, or I was just ready for my next challenge.

Fast forward 2 months and 1 day. 7th February Dolly’s Haberdashery and Sewing School opened its doors. Named after that beautiful beetle that funded the project.

Regrets, a few, no wages for 10 months had been a struggle, a greedy landlord who nearly made me jack it all in, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

From the cool individuals that come into the shop, the talented Saturday sewers who make me want to write a book about the stuff they say. The dinners my Mum sends around so she knows we are at least eating healthy, and my darling Billy who works so hard to pay our bills and looks after the house and teenager whilst I’m at the shop looooonnng hours. It is worth it.


That’s him. What a hotty

So here’s to the crazy’s, the risk takers, the people who want to make a difference and not sit on the sofa moaning about stuff they can change.

TTFN love Linsey @Dolly’s



4 thoughts on “Decisions decisions

  1. Victoria Madden says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I have an old girls’ annual from 1915 and I’ll photocopy some of the needlework sections and put them in the post for a birthday present.

    Not only will they be interesting to a keen make do and mender like yourself but you could use them as the basis for talks or even run a class in making your own genuine vintage clothes: ‘What the trendy young woman was wearing a hundred years ago.’

    Hope you have a lovely day with lots of cake and presents.

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