Festival Of Thrift

Cheap Skate or Thrifty
I often question my thrifty ways, is it necessity I don’t buy anything new or is it really because I want to recycle and reuse?

If I can’t make it, I will generally buy 2nd hand (I do draw the line at undies of course)
The Saturday sewing children take great amusement in asking every week, “Did you make that?” The answer is usually yes!

Just recently I really fancied a handbag, I’d been lusting after it for years. Without the funds I had to raise them. I sold 3 handbags (from my former life) and made enough to buy it new.
It arrived and I felt abit flat, It was such a lot of money and as soon as I took it out of the house it would have been 2nd hand. As luck would have it the same day I saw the EXACT same handbag and matching purse on a selling site for half the price.
New bag pack up and returned. Instead of the flat feeling I had with the new handbag, I was elated with my bargain find.

A coincident that #baggate was just 2 weeks before the Festival Of Thrift.

The Festival is a free event promoting, sustainable living, recycling, reusing and keeping things out of the landfill.
It was held in a stunning little village called Kirkleathem, as we wandered around the village we stumbled across lots of things to do.

Giant Knitting
Toilet DJ

Wine from a caravan

Plus Lots of recycled things to buy.

Tiny quilting and goodies made from old inner tubes

Spoon Wind chimes
There was lots of lovely food outlets, but we chose to have a 3 course Vegetarian meal with 100 other people. Oh and Wayne Hemingway.

The highlight of the whole visit

Oh yesssssss, I won the 1st award of the weekend for my dress sense.
It was explained a thrifty dresser was all about someone who looked differently and had there own style.
I wasn’t at all gracious and actually punched the air when I received it.

All in all it was a brilliant day. The festival is getting bigger every year. I hope there is camping next year. Because I’ll be there with a car full of outfits 😉

TTFN Linsey @Dollys


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