How I Improved My Mental Health

How I improved my Mental Health……

I will start with a disclaimer, If this doesn’t work for you don’t sue me. I have nothing apart from a massive rescue dog and a load of pretty fabric!!

Last summer was immensely stressful. Dolly’s had to move, although to a beautiful new building we had NO passing trade or customers for that matter.
Every time I hit my Facebook newsfeed I would instantly feel depressed. Everyone was truly living life to the full. Holidays, new cars, clothes, days out. Everyone was so happy.
When I was sat in an empty shop day in day out worrying about EVERYTHING and miserable.

Now I am not a stupid woman, and I know that folk only post “the good stuff”, but it still sucks when all you ever see is everyone elses “good stuff”

I needed a Facebook account for Dolly’s Shop Page, so deleting it all together wasn’t an option. Plus I have lots of lovely memories, photos and videos of my darling dog Dave on. I only had 1 option. I had to delete all my Facebook “friend” some of whom would actually pass my in the street without saying hello. So why was I bothered about there lives on Facebook?

Almost instantly, it was like a weight was lifted. Other peoples lives couldn’t bother me in my own mind. I concerntrated on the people I did see face to face. Finding out about the good ( and bad) in there lives. Guess what! there lives were as up and down as mine too!


For 11 months in the new building it has been obvious we don’t have passing trade and its classes pay our bills.
It is lovely when people drop in to say HI, but Dolly’s isn’t a free coffee shop and we have bills to pay… BIG bills to pay.

After a tally over 3 weeks it was on paper…
Why am I sat in a shop for 7 hours a day 5 days a week before anyone comes in to attend a class? It wasn’t even worth turing the lights on for.
Plus my house/family have been seriously neglected over the past 15months.

So came the decision to only open for classes. This gives me some time at home to see to “house things” ( I currently have chicken in the oven for tea, I’ll take some to work and my 2 can have a healthy meal already prepared for when they get home. Everyone’s a winner.

OK, so this may not work for everyone and I still super love social media – Instagram is my favourite, but thats all about nice pictures. Whats not to love. I feel much more positive about things although I still rely on you Facebook lovers to share Dolly’s stuff and our stuff out there. So my strategy really isn’t for everyone.

Thats all for now. Have a great weekend
TTFN Linsey @ Dolly’s


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