Well, That Escalated Quickly

No great story ever started with ” I had a salad”
I’ll start at the beginning. I’ve had dogs the whole of my adult life, well since I was 26 when I started to behave like a grown up ( paying bills regularly, driving a legal car and I got married)

You all know my darling Dave died on 22nd December, I have thought about him everyday since, I didn’t sleep for 5 weeks after he died. He truly was the love of my life and I look at him through rose tinted glasses like he never did anything wrong!!
In “the real world” he was a sod!, he liked designer glasses, remote controls and mobile phones all burried in the back garden. He would also take himself on “the dog walk” if the front door was left open, the EXACT route we took him on. I’d have to chase him home on my bike!!!!

There he is. The face only a mother could love.

When Dave was 3 we got a rescue puppy called Tilly….. Soon to be changed to Brenda.
Brenda was 8 months old and the prettiest girl you ever saw. Unfortunately her previous owners had done nothing except throw a ball for her!! No house training, No recall. NOTHING.
It was an “interesting first 3 months with Brenda because she was such hard work, I was actually taking her back 3 times it was that bad.
I never did though. She actually turned out to be a really good dog, she died 4 years ago age 9 (the average for a boxer Dog) You see her back legs had gone after spending 9 whole years legging it for a tennis ball.
As the saying goes….. No great story starts with “I had a salad”

I’d had a wee glass of wine, Billy had gone to bed – he was working at 2am, It was May Day, I hadn’t been out of the house all day and the TV was rubbish. So looking at Boxer Dogs on Preloved seemed my only option!!!!!

1 person responded straight away!! He wanted to come and check us out as his circumstances had changed and wanted a forever home for his dog.
Just before his “home visit” he phoned. should he bring the dogs belongings as he didn’t want to do 2 journeys!
WHAT!!!!! *you’re only coming for a look at us and our house!

Needless to say…… I have another Dog. He name is Margo ( we changed her name) We think she is 3 yo and don’t really know much more apart from she is a dream. Absolutely MASSIVE (i’m sure she isn’t 100% boxer dog) she is at the Vets tomorrow so we may know more then. Margo is absolutely good as gold and we are smitten already.

I have a new hashtag #NOTHINGTODOWITHSEWING and have just wrote a whole blog that has nothing to do with sewing.

Back to business.
We have a Tipi Class 12-3pm on Sunday 8th May. Its £50 everything is included.

The Saturday and Sunday Sewers are growing from strength to strength. Producing wonderful things as well as improving there sewing skills weekly.

We still have places on
Saturday 12.30-2pm
Sunday 10.20-12noon
£40 for 4 weeks

Sewing Camp is on agin for Whit Holidays
1st June
8th June
10th June
£24 a day 9-5pm Bring a lunch, Snacks provided.

Don’t forget to have a look at our class list.
We have loads going on, not just dog stories 😉

TTFN Linsey @Dolly’sW


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