How do you do?

Nice to meet you!

It is an absolute coincidence that my sister wrote a blog introducing herself today, I had panned to to this all week – I wish i’d have not in there 1st 😉

Hi I’m Linsey – Spelt the way the 1st nurse spelt it way back in 1974, yup I’m 42.
I own Dolly’s Sewing School.
Let me tell you bit about me and mine……..

This is me

My hair isn’t that colour anymore, it rarely stays the same colour for long.
I was a hairdresser before darling Dolly’s – I am completely over hairdressing, but the need for change is still there.
My husband says if I go missing he wouldn’t know what colour my hair was to tell the Police!!!



This is him

I think he is gorgeous, I’ve been in love with him since i was 14
– he didn’t know I was alive…. pfft
We had a secret wedding for 3, and text everyone after the deed was done we partied into the small hours after.

When we finally got together Billy came with a 6yo side kick.
Now nearly 16.

billy and tyler

Tyler Rottweiler

Now, I’m not saying it has been all Mary Poppins with Tyler, but she is my love.
When she was little I was Mumsey (half Mum half Linsey) too cool for that now, she has however “allowed” me to make her prom dress.
It was always very easy to love Tyler, she is so much like her Dad it is scary.
Much to my disgust she doesn’t have a creative bone in her body, Tyler loves football, her aggressive style where the Rottweiler comes from.

tyler and linsey


Until May 2016, I was the love of Billy’s life. Some Bitch has stolen his heart!!
Margo the shop dog. She came to us in the strangest way, but is good as gold. Kind and friendly, even though she is the size of a shetland pony.

billy and margo


Awww there she is, Dolly the 1st.
Dolly was my 1971 VW Beetle sold to fund Dolly the shop.
Today I think it was worth the sacrifice, Ask me on a rainy morning when I’m on my bike and the answer would be different.


10 things about me

* I have the odd tattoo
* I have 4 siblings
* I didn’t have a shop bought dress until I was 13
* I’ve not had a shop bought dress for 2 years
*I can turn my tongue upside down
*I have been sewing for 20 years
*I’ve been on a diet for the same time!!
* I have travelled the world
*I bought my house when 21 – I don’t think I’ll ever move
* I HATE wearing the same as anyone else. ( I’d go him if I did)

Thats me – probably a hipster, trying to change the world – 1 frock at a time.

TTFN love Linsey @ Dollys


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