Don’t Tell Them You Sew

Don’t Tell Them You Sew.

I know what its like, you’ve got this amazing new skill and you want to shout it from the roof tops. It never gets old that feeling when you say “I made It”, after all these years I still get that buzz.

but trust me……….. its a trap!!

You see, none sewers don’t know the ups and downs of sewing. I recently was told a story by a lovely lady who comes into the shop. Lets call her FRANK.
Frank and her neighbour were having tea in the garden, the neighbours son came home with a hole in his blazer. The neighbour asked Frank to repair it……….
What could possibly go wrong?
Well, pressing your beautiful repair with the iron to high, burning the said blazer and having to go and spend £40 on a replacement.
Thats what can go wrong.

When I first opened Dolly’s I was approached by someone who offered me the world for altering curtains, free advertising, a stall at market gate, breakfast with the Mayor. The things as a business owner money couldn’t buy.
Guess what, since he picked his curtains up I’ve never seen him since.
Another of Dolly’s regulars is doing alterations for friends and family. Great and a nice little earner you would think?
Think again, when a Donna Karen dress doesn’t fit as anticipated after alteration, your “friend” is taking you to the small claims court, because you’re “doing them a favour” you’re not insured for the mistake.

My Girl has spotted a prom dress she fancies its only £150 from china. I just couldn’t spend that amount of money on something that will be poorly made, not ethical, and a naff fit.
So I’m making her dress! (listen to your own advice Linsey) fabric  and notions alone have cost £210. £60 more that the ready to wear original. I’ve spent about 8 hours on it so far and its nowhere near complete.
This dress is a job made for love not money, but you can see where I’m coming from…….

Lovlies, Use your skills, Be proud of your skills, but be careful who you tell. 😉

TTFN Linsey @ Dolly’s


2 thoughts on “Don’t Tell Them You Sew

  1. Claire says:

    Linz I hear you! My sister is always asking me for stuff…so far a playsuit, chair covers, baby shower gifts, cushion covers to name a few 🙈


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