Fashion Revolution Week

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Its Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week is all about asking manufacturers, who made your clothes?

LOTS of clothing manufacturers are very unfair to factory workers, paying them penny’s for long hard gruelling days in awful condition, these places are known as “sweat shops”

On 24th April 2013 in Savar India an 8 story clothing factory collapsed and buried thousands of workers.
The search for the dead ended on 13 May 2013 with a death toll of 1,129. Approximately 2,500 injured people were rescued from the building alive.
Generations of families were wiped out in this disaster.
Hundreds of UK Manufacturers financially compensated the victims familys, some DID NOT.

This sad and horrific story was one of the reason I started Dolly’s. I wanted to go back to making great quality things BY HAND. Now I know you don’t learn the skills over night, but once you have them, you have them for life.

I recently had 1 to many “food medallions” on a plain white t-shirt. I decided to time myself making a new one. 35 minute, thats quicker than locking the shop up and going to find one I actually liked.

You may have seen the quote “Fast Fashion Isn’t Free Someone  Somewhere is paying for it”. The quote is from a cool journalist called Lucy Siegle. She even wrote a book about it, it is rather good.

There is also a great documentary on Netflix, you can see it here

Some real cool cats who have brought manufacturing to the UK are Hebtroco. Over a pint in 2015 Brant & Ed who live in Hebden Bridge decided to bring Trousers back to “Trouser Town”. Hebden Bridge was once a butting industrial town for manufacturing.
The guys business started with crowd funding, is growing from strength to strength. Often at Altrincham Market, I just Had to see if these trousers were worth all the hype. After all my most used saying is “I can make that”. I’ll just say the fly alone is worth the £110 the trousers cost, so much so Billy got 2 pairs.

Have a look in your clothes, get on social media and ask the question “Who Made Your Clothes?”

TTFN Love Linsey @Dolly’s


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