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  1. Victoria Madden says:

    Having popped into your shop as I was passing this morning, I completely agree with your description!

    Congratulations on such a lovely concept and the very best wishes for your future success. A great, and much needed, addition to Warrington’s retail offering.

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  2. Melanie wilkinson says:

    Hi my granddaughter is really interested in learning how to sew do you have any children’s beginners sewing classes? She is 8


    • dollysews says:

      Hi Melanie.
      It’s probably best if you ring the shop 01925 820780.
      We can discuss your granddaughters needs then
      Thanks Linsey


  3. Marian says:

    Hello, I recently bought a 1 day sewing class from Wowcher or Groupon… how do I book? I did email to ask but have not heard from you. Hope I got the email address correct. Look forward to hearing from you. Marian


  4. Tracey Long says:

    Dear Team Dolly, I have been recommended to you by a couple of friends who have loved the classes at Dollys. I do basic crochet but would like to have a better knowledge of de-coding patterns and improving my somewhat limited skills! I am also interested in sewing classes, I have a basic knowledge but again would like to improve. The only thing is I work full time and can only get there in the evenings or maybe a Saturday. Do you have any available classes? Thank yoooou


    • itchycrochet says:

      Hi, We have classes in the evenings and weekends, have a browse through our class list (to the right) for any times that would suit you, we can also arrange 1-2-1s in most classes at a mutually convenient time. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have.


  5. Caroline king says:

    I am looking to buy wadding do yu sell it and if so can you supply price and measurements ty. I am looking to send my hubby in to buy it for me on his viit over to Warrington



  6. Sarah-Jane Wild says:

    Hi Ive found you at last. Way back in May or June I bought a groupon voucher for a class worth £29. I then lost all contact with you and couldnt find you. I have finally tracked you down and found out you had moved shop too. Is it too late to use the groupon? I really would like to know how to make a basic square cushion with piping and a zip. I do have good sewing skills but have never been good with zips!!.. Is this at all possible? I dont mind having to pay a little more to help this happen as I have read that you need support. Hope you can help.


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